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Let’s put an end to GLobal Warming , end Homelessness & animal abuse  world-wide , #liftup the rights of the oppressed as we create a world of equals , which in turn will  overcome violence ( gun  & other) as we transition to a system that lifts all of us up equally, to a ....


Resource Based Economy 

I , Gaillard Lee Johnson, became a vegan not to be superior, but to answer the questions I put to myself, to stop needless suffering to sentient beings who  aren't just like us. The kind of world we ultimately get, is the one which reflects how we treat  not just  each other, but how all other sentient animals and other creatures on this beautiful planet are treated -based on mistaken notions of what 'sentience' means.

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take control of

your diet and actions.


While is is true that I am a Vegan, and always aspire in everything  I do to make sure no animal suffers, sometimes we can make those decisions overnight, while others may not be able to at first.

I started out , slowly getting all meat out of my diet, then graduated to Veganism for milk and all other products.

Do not feel guilty if it takes you awhile, but as you progress in your journey, as I did mine, try everyday to remember animals suffering, and that every moment you come closer to a vegetarian/vegan diet, the closer animals come to a life free to suffering.

Thank You one and all and pls if you have a moment, check out the embedded video .

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Your Greatest Self.


As you progress through the discovery of a life and diet of non aggression, peace and love, allow yourself to take in all media content, read alot, download videos from youtube or whatever source you prefer and checkout all websites that cater to the heartfelt ideology of non suffering , and you'll soon be on your way to a life of wonder and joy as I was, and am.

stop talking

As noted earlier in this page, my journey took a year +, but in no way should that hold anyone back from their dreams of a pain-free diet and life.

Think big, stand tall with all animals where suffering is just inexcusable and undesirable.

The sooner you transition to a Vegan life, the sooner you'll reach nirvana in your health, , and as that has lasting positive ripples throughout your entire life, as well as those you meet whom you will inspire.




As we go through our life journies, we often forget that the choices we make daily, have a tremendous impact, on all of us .

Thinking outside the box.

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